New Supplify platform aims to connect the tech supply chain ecosystem

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On October 4th, Alcott Global's ‘Makers and Movers The Chain' day will see a number of events and launches. This includes the Leaders in Supply Chain Awards, the release of the ‘From Source To Sold' book, and the launch of the Alcott Global Supply Chain academy e-learning platform. In addition to this, Alcott Global will officially launch the Beta version of Supplify, a project focused on connecting the supply chain ecosystem.

New Supplify platform aims to connect the tech supply chain ecosystem
Photo: Alcott Global Press Materials

According to Alcott Global, the platform showcases over 1,000 Supply Chain tech companies, plus investors, scale ups and numerous executives.

The platform currently lists over 900 start-ups, 1000+ executives, 300+ mentors, and 100+ investors, a number Alcott Global stresses is growing. The aim here is to provide users with a way to network and learn from each other to drive innovation in the field of supply chain technology.

In order to be on the platform, companies have to meet the minimum criteria – at least 1 million USD in funding and a product connected to software or hardware focused on supply chain.

“The supply chain professionals on the platform want to be partners, mentors, advisors, you name it, it’s all about connecting the tech ecosystem in supply chain,” says Andrei Palamariu, Senior Director at Alcott Global and Founder at Supplify.

Alcott Global states it decided to launch Supplify after several discussions with supply chain experts revealed there is a big gap between a potential buyer or somebody who has a problem, and somebody who has the technology or the product to solve the problem.

Hence, Supplify is intended as a platform where one can easily search and connect with the best solution for their problem.

This, Alcott Global says, can be anything from visibility control tower, track and trace, ocean freight, anything connected with digital twin. Solutions from startups, scaleups, or well-established players will be available via the platform too.

“Our vision is to become the resource, the go-to platform for anybody wanting to know more and connect with cutting edge technology in supply chain. So, it’s my pleasure to launch the BETA version of Supplify and there are so much more features we are currently building,” adds Andrei Palamariu.

Andrei Palamariu also stresses that he is keen to get feedback from all those who use the platform.

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