Motorway u-turn sees lorry driver fined €8,000 and truck detained for 3 months

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Footage released by Genoa's road traffic police has revealed the moment when a lorry driver undertook a wreckless u-turn on the A10 motorway. The incident, which occurred on Tuesday evening, has consequences for the driver and his employer. The truck driver has been fined €8,000, while the vehicle belonging to the road transport company has been detained for 3 months.

Motorway u-turn sees lorry driver fined €8,000 and truck detained for 3 months
Photo: Polizia Stradale Genova

In a statement, the Genoa road police stressed that the maneuver is “strictly prohibited” and “extremely dangerous” because it can cause serious accidents.

Fortunately, in this case, a safety system deployed on the motorway managed to warn motorists and no accident occurred.

According to the police, when the lorry driver’s u-turn was seen by the operators of the motorway, an emergency warning system activated immediately. This saw warnings of impending danger sent through message panels on the motorway, while the patrols of nearby traffic police were also able to quickly request motorists to reduce their speed.

The lorry driver, as well as the driver of car who performed exactly the same maneuver shortly afterwards, were both stopped later by road traffic police officers.

The police state that the lorry driver, from Eastern Europe, faces losing his license and a fine of up to €8,000 euros. In addition to that, the truck will be detained for 3 months.

It doesn’t end there either, as the police are also going through the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Genoa to press further charges regarding breaches of road safety laws.

The footage from the police appears to show the trailer on the back of the truck is branded with the logo of a well-known European haulage company. Although the video clip blurs out the branding, many of readers will no doubt recognise the company.

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